Viscosity Revolution

Avigation brings a new dialog related to traversing all parts of our atmosphere. Both air and water are two states of the same element, this environmental state-change is one of the targets of the A3 system.

In our natural world both air and water are dealt with seamlessly, optimized by pressure, where mechanical systems are pushed to find optimization within each. Utilizing A3 we influence our machines to follow the form of nature for optimal functionality between states.

A new way of looking at flight, a system that amplifies viscosic flow to provide flight in a way that is more in alignment with the natural world. 

Pulling on the flow of air like an invisible strand, rather than trying to push ourselves through the air or water.

Utilizing the strong muscles in their breasts to move their wings, birds create compulsion (pressure) to lift, fly, turn and glide.  All electric, powered by batteries.

An Integrated Whole

Each of the platforms presented herein are balanced complete, integrated systems. These systems have been derived based on an overarching system design or architecture.

The Avigation Aerodyne Architecture (A3) drives all the systems within Avigation’s various platforms. The architecture provides for the interface of mechanical systems to match up in sync with and capitalizing upon natural biologically influenced structures.

Focusing our attention to the function of viscosity in our natural environment, pushing design to meet up to the natural world we seek simile in organic structure as it influences A3 system operation. A3 presents a fundamental shift in the focus for flight systems design bringing organic optimization the way nature does.